Zero Lot Line Roofs

Installation and Maintenance

Best Practices

Zero lot line roofs

Zero Lot Line buildings are the ones having one of the walls built on or near the lot line of the property. They are popular in areas with high population density. Some may have set back lines up to certain feet from the adjacent buildings. Town homes, row houses, condominiums, attached buildings, and so on are examples of zero lot line buildings. The roofs of the zero lot line buildings have to be installed and maintained without much disruption to the neighbor.

Zero Lot line roof installation


Zero lot line roofs are installed by expert roofers after careful consideration of material and placement.

Close boundaries

Zero Lot line roof maintenance


Bi-annual maintenance of the zero lot line roofs is recommended in order to extend the roof life.


Zero Lot line roof problems


Close proximity with adjacent buildings is one of the common problems of zero lot line roofs.


Installing Zero Lot Line Roofs

Zero lot line roofs townhomes

Most of the new construction for the zero lot line buildings is completed together. If the roof is installed separately, then the neighbor and the home owner association must be notified of the planned work. If the roof installation requires access to the other property, it is better to seek all approval first. Roofers sometimes require to erect scaffolding in the neighbor's lot to install the roof. In most cases, if the building is on the lot line, there would no eaves to that side. Pointing gutters to the front and not to the neighbor's lot is a common practice for zero lot line roofs.

Zero lot line roofs installation

Labor and material must be planned ahead of the day of the roof installation. Weather plays an important role during roof installation. Any precipitation or high winds may obstruct the work and destroy the material. Roof starters, fascia, soffitt, gutters, sheathing, storm and ice protectors, shingles, and so on must be installed as per the specifications. Any vents, chimneys, skylights, flashings, and so on must be set up to be compatible with the zero lot line roof. After the installation is finished, complete clean up must be done including the adjacent lot.

Maintaining Zero Lot Line Roofs

Zero lot line roofs maintenance and care

Zero lot line roofs require regular maintenance such as inspection, clearing debris, checking for infestation, replacing missing/curled/streaked shingles, checking for moss growth, and so on. Since the roofs are quite close to the next building, any cleaning or maintenance must be informed to the adjacent building owner. Here are some best practices to maintain zero lot line roofs.

  • Roof inspection is recommended every fall and spring
  • Gutters must be cleaned and downspout alignment must be checked frequently
  • Roof must be cleared off debris and any leaves
  • Any missing shingles must be replaced before the deck is further damaged
  • Roof leaks must be fixed and any interior water spots also need to be cleared
  • Ventilation in the roof must be checked and all vents need inspection
  • Any nail pops or loose items need to be fixed during inspection

Notifying the neighbor for any planned maintenance is a better idea. Hiring the same contractor for roof will result in a uniform installation. All HOA rules must be followed for maintaining a zero lot line roof.

Zero Lot Line Roof Problems

Millions of homeowners live in zero lot line buildings and are faced with different roof problems. The wall on the line is a big problem to fix the roofing issues. Any roof leaks, gutter jams, ice formation, and so on along the common lot line are hard to fix. Some neighbors may not provide access to the other side of the wall. Or, some may build storage areas along the wall. These will cause the roofers hard to finish their jobs.

Other problems with zero lot line roofs are the moss growth on the walls and shingles. Any repair to the eave hanging on the neighbor's side also need access to the other side. Lots with five to six feet easement also face the access issues. If another shed is built adjacent to the wall, the roof of that shed also needs to be maintained as well.

Zero lot line roof issues can be solved by mutual agreements, association covenants, and compromise by both the parties. Expert contractors must be hired to avoid any future issues. Roofing contractors must be able to provide alternate solutions for the roof issues.

Contractor for Zero Lot Line Roofs

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in the MidWest who worked on many zero lot line roofs. They can take up the projects and finish the work with minimum disruption to the owner and neighbors. Many different roof types including residential and commercial zero lot line roofs were completed by their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing.

Olde Town Roofing
Olde Town Group Certified

Olde Town Roofing are a certified Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO. They are also a SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed and a Certified installer from IB Roof Systems. IKO shingles, CertainTeed products, James Hardie siding, and Andersen windows are some of the premium products installed by Olde Town Group. They follow a streamlined process of contracting which leads to simplified project completion. Olde Town Group are equipped with machinery to complete a zero lot line roof with access issues. They are familiar with the different roofing problems arising in such situations and can provide a cost effective solution.

Hire Olde Town Group for a comprehensive home improvement solution. They can assess the current condition and install compatible products to provide a long lasting solution. For cost effective services, Olde Town Group can propose robust systems and avoid any future zero lot line issues.

Being a family owned business, Olde Town Group works hard for customer satisfaction and reputation. They are well known for the professional services and clean up efforts. Olde Town Group can provide suitable documentation required for insurance claim processing and warranty claims. They can guide to different financing options which offer up to zero down payment and zero interest. Contact Olde Town Group at 309-517-1676 or 309-738-5550 for more information about zero lot line roofs.

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